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Imagine sitting at home on a hot summer day without an air conditioning unit. It would be torture! Some of us would turn on a fan, stay inside or jump in a pool to keep ourselves cool. However, times have changed and majority of the homes now have HVAC systems. People normally turn these on instinctively as soon as it starts becoming hot. So, who do you call when these things break down after weeks or months of usage? Who do you call for Air Conditioner repairs?

Since 1996 STM Cooling and Heating has focused all its attention to providing quality air conditioning services. No matter if it's commercial or residential, all of our client's receive equal treatment.

What factors goes into picking a specific contractor to provide air conditioning repair services? Is it cleanliness, punctuality, professionalism, or is it their prices? Here at STM Cooling and Heating, we do more than provide one of these great factors, we provide all of them! 

With that much experience in our hands, we are familiar with many different types of makes and models such as Carrier, Lennox, York, Carrier, American Standard, Mitsubishi, and so on. We've seen many issues regarding refrigerants, electrical components and controls, oil motors, thermostats, filters, and condensers. Early maintenance can prevent many small problems from becoming more expensive issues later on. Avoid the long waits and higher prices that comes with the season's peak. Be it commercial, residential, or industrial, we can help!

If you are looking for commercial repairs, central Air Conditioner repairs, air conditioning maintenance, packaged air conditioning units, or any cooling-related services in the Edmonton area, give us a try.

When an air conditioning unit is running well it uses less energy to cool the area, and lower energy usage means bigger savings for your utility bills. Be worry free and save money, schedule a maintenance call today.

We provide services such as:

- Replacing filters, belts, fuses, etc.

- Audits; making sure your system is perfect

- Servicing all major brands and makes, such as Carrier, Lennox, York, American Standard, and many others.

- New and complete air conditioning unit installation and replacement

- Maintenance on existing air conditioning units

- HVAC system tune up

- Cleaning the air conditioning system

And many other Air Conditioner repair services!